About RSVP

Who We Are

RSVP Publications is the original DIRECT MAIL TO THE UPSCALE and one of the most successful direct mail advertising organizations in the nation! The company has been mailing beautifully-designed, luxury card packs to affluent homeowners for 30 years.

Our proven successful business model is very simple; we generate high quality leads (prospective customers) for local clients through our classy, unique direct mail products. It has been proven to work with its unique format and with virtually no competition!
Our model works so well we’re proud to say we have an average rate of 70% client renewal, an exceptionally high renewal rate for the advertising industry.

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Thousands of Companies continue to trust RSVP

The RSVP Story

RSVP Publications is a family-owned and operated company.
Founder Dave Tropf started RSVP Publications in 1984 in his small apartment in San Francisco. RSVP now spans the country with 85 franchises. He and his two sons personally know each and every franchise owner and all owners are treated like family.

RSVP is the original Direct Mail to the Upscale and has dominated offline lead generation for decades. Moving into the future, RSVP is committed to using multiple channels and creating new products to forge future success.

What We Do & How We Do It

In a nutshell… RSVP Publications helps businesses grow and thrive! We are a rewarding and satisfying franchise to be a part of, and we do this by attracting the highest quality potential customers in the local area who enjoy the finer things in life.

How do we attract these high-quality potential customers?

We produce beautiful, unique, full color, glossy postcard packs wrapped in a clear wrapper. Inside, every postcard represents a local business advertising their product or service.

We then research and determine the best houses to mail to in each territory. These homes are the most expensive, most affluent owner-occupied homes in the area. We avoid renters, bank-owned and financially-distressed properties. Our RSVP homeowners enjoy improving their homes and yards and dine out frequently.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we print and mail our luxury card packs to their designated home on a quarterly basis, providing a constant flow of fresh leads for the businesses inside.

RSVP Support

Some of our RSVP franchise owners began with little or no sales experience and no experience running their own company.

Included with this franchise opportunity is a full five days of training to fully learn how to run your business and sell the product easily. Plus, we work with you on a daily basis to help make your RSVP franchise as successful as possible.

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Running an RSVP franchise is simple. Unlike many other opportunities, with RSVP you don’t need any inventory or equipment. You can be home-based or office-based.

You have the benefit to learn and be part of a growing network of 85 other franchisees across the country, who are all willing to help and teach you anything you need. We invite you to call and talk to our other franchise owners.

As a franchise owner we get you started with everything you need:

  • Territory Selection & Demographics
  • Brochures
  • Media Kits
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • 5,000 Local Business Listing
  • Custom-Built CRM To Stay Organized.
  • Product Knowledge
  • Client testimonials & Case Studies

About You

Our Ideal Candidate

We have a wide variety of franchise owners with many years of experience in various industries. Sales experience helps but you
don’t need to have prior sales experience to sell RSVP.

Running your own RSVP franchise means being in full control of all aspects of the business. It takes discipline and determination, like most other businesses, but one of the most important factors is the ability to communicate well and enjoy helping people!


General qualifications:

  • Self-motivated
  • Persistent
  • Professional
  • Good communication skills
  • Organized
  • The desire to sell
  • Good social skills
  • Driven
  • Good with deadlines

A Day In The Life

As an RSVP franchise owner, your #1 goal is to meet as many people as you
can and show how RSVP is proven to help their business succeed. Your pipeline
must always be full with appointments.

We have hundreds of testimonials and thousands of examples to help
prove to your prospects that RSVP will work for them.

Daily successful actions would include:

  • Calling local businesses
  • Going on face-to-face appointments
  • Meeting with networking groups
  • Outgoing lead generation (email & direct mail)
  • Consistently building your list of prospects
  • Attending home shows
  • Set weekly & daily goals

Get Started

Areas of Support & Training

Once you are open for business, the franchise team members continue to work with and support you hand-in-hand by making sure you have access to and guidance in following our proven business system.

Below are just some of the areas of ongoing support you’ll receive…

  • Using the RSVP digital archives to search thousands of successful designs
  • Email & Website
  • Offline & online lead generation
  • Sales training, objection handling, sales tips
  • Time management

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Franchisee Testimonials

RSVP Franchise Owner Quotes:

“I make more money with RSVP in one edition than I did in a whole year at the station.”
>> RSVP Pasadena Franchise

“Wow… I had no idea how much profit my ads were really making for the company, till I was the company!”
>> RSVP Detroit Franchise

“No one tells you who you can or can’t sell! No restrictions on my sales database.”
>> RSVP Seattle Franchise

“I’ve always been a media salesman, but with RSVP I get to keep what I make.”
>> RSVP Phoenix Franchise

“In less than a year my RSVP Franchise was giving me a six-figure personal income and it went consistently up from there.”
>> RSVP Orange County Franchise

“In the 9 ½ years I’ve had my franchise I’ve run into other “franchised” companies as clients and prospective clients. RSVP is far and away the best franchise out there. No one in RSVP is stabbing another franchise owner in the back, or withholding company “secrets” from other franchisees. We have the ultimate franchise network.”
>> RSVP San Antonio Franchise

“If you have the desire to be in control of your own financial destiny and have the freedom to create your OWN business with unlimited potential, RSVP will support your desire and help you make it a reality. The network of owners across the US, and the great team at corporate will give you confidence in knowing that you are supported as part of a family of eclectic personalities all striving to do what we do…..but better.”
>> RSVP Orlando Franchise.

“For nearly 15 years my RSVP franchise has provided my family a very nice income and lifestyle. It also has been a great sense of pride owning a very unique, high-profile publication. RSVP is  viewed among the business community and homeowner as being the Rolls Royce of direct-mail marketing publications in my market.”
>> RSVP Columbia, Greenville & Asheville

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